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Live From Home


Thu, Dec 3

7pm / Online

Performing in the spotlight in Hawaii since she first joined Don Ho on stage at age 13, Taimane has carved out a stellar career by committing to her vision of creating an original sound and style with her instrument of choice, the ukulele.

Live From Home

Kishi Bashi

Thu, Nov 19

7pm / Online

Kaoru “Kishi Bashi” Ishibashi studied film scoring at the Berklee College of Music before developing his own shimmering musical aesthetic. His in-concert looping creates lush and rhythmic sonic layers.

Live From Home

Nachito Herrera Duo

Thu, Nov 5

7pm / Online

Pianist Ignacio “Nachito” Herrera had established quite a career in Cuba before migrating to Minnesota in 2002 and combining his European classical schooling and learned Afro-Cuban artistry into a dazzling personal musical style.

Live From Home

Villalobos Brothers

Thu, Oct 15

7pm / Online

The Villalobos Brothers have been acclaimed as one of today’s leading Contemporary Mexican ensembles. Their original compositions and arrangements masterfully fuse and celebrate the richness of Mexican folk music with the intricate harmonies of jazz and classical music.

Live From Home

Tiffany Austin

Thu, Oct 1

7pm / Online

Vocalist Tiffany Austin deftly blends jazz, blues and R&B. Her second album, Unbroken, has cemented Tiffany’s status as as a formidable songwriter and one of jazz’s elite singers.

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